Testimonials-Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Saturday classes and so did Elsa. While I was initially hesitant about the clicker training, Iím converted. Yesterday a friend came for lunch and even though Elsa has met him many times, it was the usual running away and wide berth until I pulled out the salmon treats and the clicker and that short circuited a lot of her nonsense. A similar thing happened last week with my neighbour Nat who hadnít seen Elsa for a while and was surprised at how quickly Elsa transitioned out of her anxiety to being friendly. I guess I donít see the changes because I live with her neuroticisms much more closely but she is definitely a happier dog." - Gillian, Wentworth Falls

"Hi Julie
I just wanted to let you know that Ella has calmed down remarkably over the last few days. Like a different dog! Thank you for your help.
Weíve only been taking her for walks on our land, doing the click training, and putting her outside straight away if she starts with the mouthing. She seems much more affectionate and relaxed now she isnít mouthing and is very happy to sit peacefully next to people. She seems very eager to please and happy that she now knows what to do.
She slept peacefully without incident last night on her dog bed in the lounge room. We borrowed a crate that Meg D***** had for Scarlett but Ella is very suspicious of it and it seems a like maybe a size too small for her. If she keeps up her behaviour I donít think weíll need it.
I think weíll hold off on the vet appointment and get you back in a couple of weeks to help with the meeting other dogs or the car if we donít have success there.
Iíve attached a photo of your notes. I was reading them on Wednesday afternoon and left them unattended for just a few minutes! No other chew damage since.
Thanks so much

"Hi Julie,
Thanks so much for your training classes these past 5 weeks. Otis had such a good time and we feel like we understand him more and are getting to understand how to manage him."