Nose Work-Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training

See Spot Sniff!


Nose Work is based upon the incredible sense of smell of canines.  It provides our companion dogs with the opportunity to practice a natural behaviour and affords excellent environmental enrichment.  Dogs love it!

Nose Work, as a structured activity, is modelled upon the training of scent detection dogs.

Some of the things dogs have been trained to search (hunt) for include: explosives or drugs, contraband fruit & vegetables at the airport, wildlife or noxious plants in National Parks, water/sewer leaks, missing people and dead bodies....The list goes on.... 

In our Nose Work classes the dogs are taught to hunt for specific odours (NOT drugs or bombs 😁) in different settings- usually these are: Interiors; Exteriors; Containers & Vehicles.
The dogs learn to search independently and solve problems. The agency involved in this and the utilisation of the dog's seeking drive and natural abilities  creates a confident learner with more focus and less reactivity.

Handlers learn to work as a team with their dog, developing their observation and leash handling skills, and using their knowlege of how odour behaves in response to air movement, temperature etc to assist the search.

Not only is there great behavioural benefit derived from this activity for your dog, it is FUN for the dogs and the handlers alike.  
There is no need for handlers to have formal experience in dog training, but it is necessary for your dog to have basic behaviours such as recall and sit, on cue. 

Nervous and reactive dogs benefit a great deal from Nose Work and the structure of the classes and environment is specifically aimed to cater for these dogs. 

Your instructor is an Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) with NACSW. 

Classes run for five weeks and are held at Hazelbrook or Yellow Rock.

Next classes scheduled to commence early July

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