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Do you need a hand to manage behaviours?
  • Jumping up/on furniture?
  • Digging?
  • Barking?
  • Food/toy guarding?
  • Not coming when called?
  • Not walking nicely on lead?
  • Does not like being handled?
  • Being fearful and anxious?
Private lessons have many advantages:
  • We focus only on the issues you need;
  • You do not have to listen to questions and answers from the group that do not pertain to you;
  • Personal attention;
  • Lessons tailored to your learning style and dog's progress;
  • Low distraction level for your dog in a familiar environment and without other dogs or people; 
  • You do not have to deal with other, over-friendly dogs disrupting your dog's learning;
  • An excellent precursor to going to group lessons once you and your dog have had time to practice and have learned to learn;
  • Backup and support between sessions.
Teach your dog how to do the behaviours you value to promote a harmonious household for pets and people. 
I provide custom tailored lessons to suit you and your dog or puppy, in-home, by appointment.

Initial consultation is 2 hours.  The costs are capped at 2 hours even if the session itself lasts longer.
Initial Consult: $195.00

Follow up 
consultations of 1 hour are $95.00
Offered for those on a pension or benefit.
   See registration page to initiate consult or 
        Phone: 0402 063 664 
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