In-Home Training-Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training

Private lessons tailored to your needs

Would you like coaching to train your dog using kindness and science? Need a hand to manage unwanted behaviours? Or simply have limited time to attend group classes?
Set yourself up for success by getting expert advice on how to train your dog to become a companion.

Learn how to fix some normal dog behaviours that are common but not typically viewed as appropriate:
Jumping up; Climbing on the furniture; Digging; Barking; Not coming when called; Rushing through the gate/door; Pulling on the lead...  
Get an expert to develop strategies to deal with:
Fearful and anxious dogs; dogs with sensitivity to being handled; dogs that are reactive to other dogs or people.
Private lessons have many advantages:
We focus only on the issues you need
Personal attention for the whole family
Lessons tailored to your learning style and your dog's progress
Low distraction level for your dog in a familiar environment and without other dogs or people
Backup and support between sessions

At a time that suits you

Cost: $220.00 for initial 1.5 hour consult  
Phone or Text: 0402 063 664

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