Qualifications and Education-Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

Qualifications and Education

My formal qualifications are:
  • Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training from Delta Institute of Australia
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Hons 1) from Macquarie University
  • Level 2 TAG Teacher from TAG Teach International
  • Assessor MindDog Australia
  • Trainer MindDog Australia
  • Senior First Aid Certificate from St John Ambulance
  • am currently undertaking the CNWI Instructor Course to become a qualified K9 Nose Work®️ Instructor
I also hold Professional Indemnity Insurance for your peace of mind.
I maintain Professional Memberships with the following organisations:
  • Delta Institute of Australia
  • Pet Professional Guild of Australia
  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia
  • TAG Teach International
To be an effective coach to you and your canine companion I regularly attend seminars and workshops presented by International and Australian experts in the field of Animal Behaviour and Learning Theory to improve my knowledge and skills in teaching.
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Email: enquire@seespotsit.com.au

Below is a list of seminars and workshops attended:
K9 Nose Work®️ CNWI Instructor Course - Part I - Four Day Workshop

Winston Hills, NSW
Teacher: Jill Marie O'Brien

Seek Dogs Australia
Introduction to K9 Nose Work®️ & Intermediate K9 Nose Work®️
Bilpin NSW
Instructor: Rachel Lawler

Delta Institute
Taking the Lead, Exploring the Relevance of Dog Emotional Health in Training.
Sydney, NSW
Presenters: Dr Sarah Heath; Dr Gaille Perry; Natalie Watson.

Pet Professional Guild Australia
Annual Conference

Bankstown, NSW
Presenters: Kathy Sdao, Chirag Patel, Alexis Davison, Louise Newman, Michelle Pouliot, Dr Kat Gregory, Laura Ryder, Louise Ginman

APDT Australia
Making Dogs Happy Symposium

Sydney University
Presenters: Prof. Paul McGreevy; Dr Melissa Starling; Dr Jono Earl; Sophie Masters; Prof. Manos Stamatakis; Dr Lis Arnott; Dr Elyssa Payne; Lauren Powell.

K9 Scentral
Introduction to Nose Work Workshop
St Ives, NSW
Presenter: Peta Clark

APDT Australia

Annual Conference
Adelaide, SA
Presenters: Rise Van Fleet, Susan Freidman, Veronica Boutelle, Nicholas Bishop, Alexis Davison, Peta Clarke.

Delta Institute
Inside of a Dog -2017 Dog Behaviour Conference - Sydney NSW
Presenters: Dr Alexandrea Horowitz; Dr Julie Ashton; Dr Vanessa Rolf; Veronica Boutelle; Dr Bradley Smith; Louise Ginman; Alexis Davison; Dr Kersti Seksel; Dr Gaille Perry; Dr Melissa Starling.

Mind Dog
Introduction to mindDog for Professional Trainers

Central Coast NSW

Delta Institute
Canine Good Citizen Award

Sydney NSW

Statement of Attainment in Greenhound Assessors Course

Identify and respond to animal behaviour
Richmond NSW

APDT Australia
Annual Conference

Presenters: Robin Bennett, Mik Moeller, Sonya Bevan, Alexis Davison, Anita Marchesani.

TAG Teach International
TAG Teach World Summit - Verona, Italy
Presenters: Theresa McKeon, Joan Orr, Martha Gabler, Luca Canever,
Susan Friedman, Karen Pryor, Eva Bertilsson, Laura Monaco Torelli, Kelly Morgan Ballantyne, Charlene Nelson, Emilie & Anders Veigh, 
Kevin Cauley, Lisa Clifton-Bumpass, Joey Iverson, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Ann Bergeron, Patrice Robert and Francine Legault. 

K9Nose Time
Introduction to K9 Nose Work  3 Day Workshop
Castle Hill, NSW
Presenter: Jill Marie O'Brien

TAG Teach International
TAG Teach Level 1
Presenter: Theresa McKeon
Delta Professional Dog Trainers Association
Canine Good Citizen Instructor and Assessor

Annual Conference
Presenters: Marion Brand, Peta Clarke, Dianne Garrod

Centre for Veterinary Education
Canine Life Stages - Behavioural
Presenter: Dr Kersti Seksel (Aus)

Australian Veterinary Association
AVBIG Living and Learning with Animals 2 Day Conference
Presenter: Prof. Susan Friedman (USA)

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Working Dogs in the City Seminar
Presenter: David Graham (AUS)

C.L.E.A.R. Dog Training
Coaching People to Train People: How to Conduct Effective Training Classes Seminar
Presenter: Terry Ryan, Legacy Canine (USA)

C.L.E.A.R. Dog Training
Leadership and Relationship Education for Anyone with a Dog: Training from your dog's point of view - Seminar
Presenter: Terry Ryan, Legacy Canine (USA)

C.L.E.A.R. Dog Training
Poultry in Motion 2 Day Workshop
Presenter: Terry Ryan, Legacy Canine (USA)

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia
APDTA Annual 3 Day Conference
Presenters: Kay Laurence (UK)
                Dr Kersti Seksel (AUS)
                Dr Gabrielle Carter (AUS)
                Nic Bishop (AUS)

TAG Teach International
Tag Teach Primary Certification  2 Day Workshop
Presenter: Therese McKeon

Australian College of Veterinary Scientists
2010 College Science Week - Behaviour Interest Group - Seminars
Presenters: Various

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia
APDTA Annual 3 Day Conference
Presenters: Dr Pamela Reid (USA)
                Sarah Kalnajs (USA)
                Dr Paul McGreevy (AUS)

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia
APDTA Annual 3 Day Conference
Presenters: Dr Roger Abrantes (DENMARK)
                Pamela Dennison (USA)
                Dr Jennifer Messer (USA)

Delta Society Australia Limited
Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training (Canine Good Citizen)
2 Year Course

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia
APDTA Annual 3 Day Conference
Main Presenters: Nicole Wilde (USA)
                       Dr Ian Dunbar (USA)
Presenters: Dr Debbie Calnon, Peta Clarke, Dianna Cooper, Kristine Edwards, Dr Barbara Fougere, Kelly Gorman, Dr Laurie Milner, Dr Jonica Newby, Dr Judith Randall

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia
APDTA Annual 3 Day Conference
Presenters: Dr Pat Miller (USA)
                Dr Paul McGreevy (AUS)
                Dr Debbie Calnon (AUS)
                Karin Bridge (AUS)
                Peta Clarke (AUS)

Hills District Kennel & Training Club Inc
Coaching People to Train Their Dogs, Continuing Education for Pet Dogs, How and Why We Changed Our Puppy Classes, Problem Behaviours - 2 Day Seminar and Workshop
Presenter: Terry Ryan - Legacy Canine (USA)

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia
APDTA Annual 3 Day Conference
Presenters: Sue Sternberg (USA)
                Kerrie Haynes-Lovell (AUS)

TAFE - Western Sydney Institute at Richmond
Animal Nutrition, Animal Housing, Animal Behaviour 1, Animal Structure and Function
Presenters: Various 

Delta Society Australia Limited
Children and Animals: Kindness and Cruelty - Seminar
Presenters: Dr Frank Ascione (USA)
                Assoc Prof. Eleanora Gullone (USA)
                Dr John Clarke (AUS)
                Dr Peter Green (AUS)
                Ms Judy Johnson (AUS)