Puppy Pre-school-Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training


Puppies usually accept novel things and situations openly whilst they are young - usually up to about 16 weeks. After this time, they will still accustom themselves to new things, but not as openly.
Puppies who do not have adequate socialisation during this period may grow into fearful, anxious dogs. Puppy preschool, run by a qualified and experienced trainer offers you and your puppy:
  • a safe environment to meet other puppies and people;
  • a controlled introduction to new experiences;
  • a place to begin learning how to learn.
It is safe to take the puppies to pre-school provided they have had their first immunisation at least 7 days before they attend their first class.
To give your dog the best possible chance of becoming a cherished, happy member of your household, enroll your pup in a class today.
In the course you will recieve guidance on:
  • Socialisation - what it is and how to do it well
  • Reading and understanding your puppy's body language
How to teach your puppy using Positive Reinforcement and some useful strategies for dealing with unwanted behaviours, such as jumping up, mouthing and toilet training.
Puppy class is 4 weeks and costs $180.00 per puppy.
Payment is required upfront and is non-refundable.


Classes are held
 regularly at Hazelbrook.


Classes are usually held on Tuesday or Thursday evenings at 7pm.
Email me at 
enquire@seespotsit.com.au or phone me on 0402 063 664 to discuss when the next class is to start, or simply click this link to complete the registration form and I will respond to you promptly.

NB: The first class is theory- without puppies - followed by three practical classes.  Maximum of 5 puppies per class.